Sheila’s story

We need to give you a mum returning to work resume example that rally make sense.

And the best way of doing that is with a story…..so here goes.

Sheila is 32, she worked as an office manager for 7 years, in an office of 12 people and managed a budget of £30,000 in the charity sector. 

For 5 years, in her spare time, she worked as a volunteer for a charity which provided relief efforts to disaster zones and she spent 2 weeks in the Philippines helping in the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo in 2012. 

Sheila is a good team player, a good negotiator and she can problem solve anything.

Two years ago she gave birth to twins: Becky and John. 

They are now at nursery and Sheila wants to get back into the workforce

She has seen a management job at a logistics firm. They have accounts in the commercial and charity sector. 

The job vacancy says that they are looking for a team player, someone with managerial skills and cultural sensitivity. 

The position will report to the CEO and will be responsible for a team of 7. 

Regular interactions with logistic teams in USA and Finland


Sheila has many skills to offer – and she also has 2-year-old twins.

This is how Sheila should approach this opportunity


What questions to answer in your mum returning to work resume example

  1. Returning to Work – What skills can I offer

·  8 years experience of managing a team and a budget

·  Volunteer experience working under pressure

·  Good team working skills

·  International experience

·  Good problem solver

  1. What problems can I solve for them? 

·  Balance the needs of a private logistics which aims to make a profit with working in the charity sector e.g. government regulations, compliance, oversight, transparency, publicity

·  Dealing effectively on the international landscape

·  Managing a team with international interactions.


3 Can I be the solution to their problem?

·  Experience of managing accounts and account teams

·  Experience working with charities

·  Calm under pressure

·  Good with numbers

·  Used to work with internationals

·  Balancing commercial and charitable objectives


Where to address gaps in your mum returning to work resume example

The easier place to address any major gaps is in the personal profile

There is no need to hide it. You being a mum is part of you and what you have to offer.

The personal summary or personal profile is one of the most important aspects of a CV or resume. It basically describes you in 3-6 bullets. 



·   8 years office manager experience. Responsible for a £30,000 annual budget.

·   Volunteer for a humanitarian charity providing relief effort to survivors of Typhoon Pablo in 2012.

·   Proven management, team working, negotiation and problem solving skills with international clients.

·   Ability to live and work in sensitive international multi cultural environments·   Following the birth of twins in 2018, looking now to return to the workforce.


Use bullets rather than blocks of text as its easier to read.

Learn more about what to include in a CV and how to structure a CV. 

The key is to understand what employers are looking for.


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