What do employers want? – its a good question!

What employers want when they advertise a vacancy is simple!

They want is a solution to their problem!

Employers are advertising because they have a problem that they can not solve with the people they already have in the company

If you can solve that problem – they will hire you!

Simple right? Its simple but but easy 🙂

You have to show you have the right skills and the right attitude to solve that problem


Brint Office Suppliers have set up a new office in Manchester, UK. They have three big clients in the region, and the office will centre on providing dedicated support for these three clients whilst looking after around 20 smaller companies who rely on Brints office supplies and prospecting for more customers. The team will be comprising 3 people.

They are looking for someone to run that office

What is their problem

They have a new office becasue they are expanding.

They have three big clients which need to be focused on and 20 smaller clients who also need attention and nuture. Also, you will be looking for new clients

What are they looking for

  • Someone with proven experience of running an office
  • Some one that knows how to manage large accounts
  • Someone that can juggle large and small companies
  • Someone who can also prospect for new clients
  • Someone who can manage a team

So your CV/Resume and your covering letter must focus on these type of things. You have to show that you can solve their problem.They

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