How To Get Job

How to get the job you want

How to get the job you want sounds easy but job hunting can be hard – but it’s not if you do not know which job you want – through this process how to get the job you want will be easier to figure out!.

1. How to get the job you want – YOU NEED TO Be proactive

Nobody can see inside your head and so how to get the job you want starts with you knowing the job you want, or think you want. Nobody is just going to give it to you.
The first step is you have to do something, you must be proactive. You need to research, explore, investigate. You need to contact people.
Go to career fairs, go online, talk to people!
The job you want will not just fall from the sky.
You need to find it. How to get the job you want means that you need to TAKE ACTION!.

2. How to get the job you want – YOU NEED Planning

Once you have a sector/company in mind, start planning how you are going to approach them, how are you going to learn more…
Are you going to use a recruiter? Are you going to contact the company directly?
Look at the company website, do they attend career fairs, do they recruit centrally, do they use recruiters, its always worth to contact them directly and see what happens…
Follow our easy job search steps and put together a job action plan of who you are going to target and how. What are employers looking for in your targeted sector? What skills are these employers looking for? On company websites what kind of language and images do they use? What is their company culture? Do you see yourself working in this environment?

3. How to get the job you want – YOU NEED TO Update your CV/Resume

Your CV needs to be the best version of you on paper and you have to present yourself as the solution to the employers problem.
How long do employers take to read your cv/resume – studies say its only about 6 seconds! So you have to get your unique selling points across asap and make the employer want to read more. Its your first impression. This means you have to design your CV/Resume to convey the max. amount of relevant information as quickly as possible. Focus on your skills, accomplishments and unique selling points.
Ensure your CV/Resume is CV Robot friendly (automated tracking software – ATS)

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